Jim Smith, known by his stage names ZAMAC and TEEEL, is a highly influential figure in the electronic music scene. With a career spanning over 20 years and multiple aliases, he has been creating captivating sounds under different aliases since the late 1990s. His talent and unique style have earned him recognition, with his music being featured in various platforms including Amazon's "Red Oaks," Nike's Jordan brand, Canon, Fossil, commercials, and movies like "The Gift" and "Lion-Girl." He has also crafted an entire sample pack of retro sounds for Loopmasters and continues to produce original music for film and TV.
ZAMAC’s music is a captivating blend of synthesizers, electronic beats, drum machines, and live instrumentation. Each of his albums tells a unique story, with themes ranging from chilled-out electronica to immersive and cinematic scores. With every release, ZAMAC takes his listeners on a sonic journey, creating atmospheric landscapes and evoking emotions through his music. One of ZAMAC’s notable traits is his extensive collection of vintage synthesizers, which he skillfully incorporates into his compositions. Stream, Download, and Share at http://zamacmusic.com/
ZAMAC - "The Experiment"
ZAMAC - "Music for the Computers"
This arsenal of unique instruments adds a touch of nostalgia and transports listeners to otherworldly soundscapes. ZAMAC’s ability to seamlessly blend old-school sounds with modern production techniques sets him apart as a true innovator in the electronic music realm. Whether you're a fan of ambient vibes, pulsating beats, or captivating melodies, ZAMAC's music offers a diverse range of sonic experiences. With his impeccable craftsmanship and keen attention to detail, Jim continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, leaving a lasting impression on the industry and captivating audiences worldwide.
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