This is me, Jim Smith. Although my name is common, I'm quite unique. I am a true creative powerhouse that works really hard, thrives on building brands, and leading teams through successful campaign launches. Most importantly, I have fun doing it. This Jim Smith has been kicking butt and winning awards in the healthcare & pharmaceutical advertising industry since the early 2000s. I'm an Associate Creative Director at Avalere Health by day and a musician and artist at night. Whether I’m launching a rare disease medication, writing a new song for a commercial, or building a custom Hot Wheels display in the garage, my creativity is always on.
Along with working in advertising, I record original music in a room filled with 80’s movie memorabilia and vintage synthesizers. A bit of a geek, I have a ton of interests and collections. When I'm not on a computer, my wife and I hunt for treasures at flea markets, take spontaneous road trips, and live it up around San Diego. Art. Music. Life. It's what inspires me. I strive to create work that makes a lasting impression. I'm here to make it pop, break the mold, push the limits, step out of the box, move the needle, spark the fire, ruffle some feathers, stir the pot, and stop them in their tracks. I strive to create bold, unique, striking, meaningful, memorable, and own-able work. Here you will find a showcase of my art, creative projects, original music, and other passions in life. 
This is what I do best:
Creative Direction. Campaign Development. Lead Product Launches. Ideation and Concepting. A.I.-generated Art. Photo Editing and Compositing. Digital and Print Design. Branding and Typography. Illustration. Music Production and Mixing. Video Editing. And anything else that involves being creative. 
The future of advertising is now and I'm here to completely embrace it. I'm currently deep into artificial intelligence image generation. You can see some of my "/imajim" conceptual work on this site. From fashion design and architecture to creating new characters and campaign ideas, I am in love with this new technology. Reach out to me to help bring your vision to life. Whether it's creating conceptual ideas, interior and home design, product mockups, or whatever you can possibly imagine, I can do it. Here are a few generated images but feel free to dive into the other pages to see much more.
​​​​​​​Do you need the password to see my agency work or do you want to talk about launching an insanely cool project? Shoot me a message and I'll get back to you asap. Rock on! Nice to meet you, virtually! Let's create something together.

Phone: 609-577-1996
-Jim Smith. 
Thank you! I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Rock on and enjoy the day.-Jim
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