Silver Sea is the collaborative brainchild started by musicians Jim Smith and David Payne. Mostly electronic music, they focus on using unique live instruments, acoustic guitars, analogue vintage synths, among other things to create a unique and own-able sound. Together they form a genre that could be called acoustic-electronica.
Silver Sea's "Procella Perfecta" took on a darker tone from the original album but still remained inspirational, emotional, and beautiful. Songs have been featured on promotional and educational videos for multiple brands. This instrumental album features clean and powerful drums, vintage MOOG synthesizers, strings, and electric pianos. Soft textures and lush pads add to the fullness of the overall sound. Dave's use of electronic and acoustic guitars throughout the album helps elevate the mood and drive the story.
Silver Sea - Procella Perfecta (2011)
Silver Sea - Self Titled (2009)
Self titled debut from Silver Sea delivers beautiful indie acoustic electronica. Vintage warm synthesizers and bright guitars play together in a unique way to build a wall of sound. Silver Sea takes you on a journey of feelings and emotion. They help provoke memories and inspire to create new ones. 
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