One of my retirement plan ideas involves retiring in Palm Springs with a vintage car. Lately, I've become quite obsessed with the classic Morris Mini cars. I decided to create a series of renders featuring the Mini parked outside mid century modern desert homes. These homes feature simple yet timeless designs, characterized by clean lines that perfectly complement both the charm of Palm Springs and the iconic design of the Morris Mini. The coolest thing about the Mini? It’s remained virtually unchanged in terms of its body design from its inception until the year 2000.
To enhance the overall aesthetic, I've incorporated a range of modifications to these Minis, including rally lights, fender flares, and unique wheels. These customizations beautifully harmonize with the distinctive architecture of Palm Springs' unique houses. Picture cruising around town, surrounded by tall palm trees and under clear skies – it truly is an idyllic place to enjoy a custom Mini. The hardest part now is deciding what house and car color combination I want. 
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