McFly was a band that formed in the year 2000s by long-time friends Jim Smith, Dan Brokaw, Matt Spart, and Anthony Agabiti.  Singers Jim and Dan alternated from guitar and singing to give you two bands for the price of one. Matt's smooth and driving bass lines, and Anthony's animal-like drums bring it all together for one hell of a show. McFly creates music that has tons of energy, head-grooving beats, chunky hardcore guitar riffs, flowing bass, and lyrics full of passion.
With influences of metal, hardcore, and alternative rock, McFly has crafted a unique sound. This collection of rock songs was recorded over 15 years ago in a 12x12 basement in Trenton NJ, using limited resources (The Family's 1994 Dell and one inexpensive microphone). Somehow, we made it work. The real magic was at the live shows but we wanted to capture a little piece of our time together. This is rock and roll. This is McFly.
McFly - "Back to the Basement" (2004)
McFly brought head-banging rock and roll with tons of crazy energy to their live shows.
Check out the full length album of McFly - Back to the Basement
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