As the musician TEEEL, I worked on the song "Disk Go" for DSW Shoes and collaborated with Director Adam Murphy to create the official music video. My goal was to capture the essence of old cheesy 80s music videos while infusing it with a fun and poppy vibe. The use of bright neon color backgrounds and strong silhouettes, inspired by the popular Apple iPod commercials, added a nostalgic touch to the video. The incorporation of colorful 3D and tracking effects to create a tape tracking feel further enhanced the throwback aesthetic. The repeating catchy lyric "I got my dancing shoes on" became the centerpiece of the video, as the cast of professional dancers and models lip-synced and danced along to it. The overall intention of the video was to evoke a fun-loving atmosphere filled with energy and bursts of vibrant color.
Music video for "Disk Go" by TEEEL. Directed, Edited, and Produced by Adam Murphy. Cinematography by Pete Herron. Lighting by Justin Suriano. Coordinator: Stan Okumura. Production Assistant: Samuel Kihagi. Make-up by Dorina Petco. Visual Effects by Austin Stock. Cast: Jenny Valles, Darren Wong, Kate Skolas, Kris Van Genderen, Grace Kunkle, Joe Berry, and Lindsay Murphy. Wardrobe by The Bearded Beagle. Shot in Los Angeles, California at Monk Space. From the TEEEL album, Hydrostatic on Mush Records.
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