I worked closely with Brett Martelli to help conceive, direct, and edit a short horror story for my song, TEEEL - "Runners" I also star in the video as the man in leather.
The movie-esque music video opens with a couple peacefully laying in bed, until they are startled by a loud bang from outside. Concerned, the boyfriend decides to investigate and checks the staircase, only to hear another strange sound coming from the roof. Curiosity gets the better of him, and he makes his way up to the roof. However, he is caught off guard and viciously struck in the head by a mysterious man wearing leather.
The next scene shifts focus to the woman who was previously in bed. Oblivious to what just happened, she begins to prepare herself to leave her apartment. As she steps out, she can't shake the feeling that someone mysterious is following her every move. Fear takes over, and she starts running for her life. In the distance, she spots her boyfriend, but there's something different about him. Is he a wraith? A ghost returning to haunt those who have betrayed her?
Unfortunately, her fate takes a dark turn as she is eventually captured by her pursuer. The next scene reveals the man in leather going about his daily life, seemingly carefree and happy with his girlfriend. However, the wraith appears, seeking revenge for the betrayal and anguish caused. In a chilling climax, the wraith mercilessly kills both the man in leather and his girlfriend in a park. As the credits roll, a final scene unfolds, showing the man in leather gasping for breath as he spits up blood. Despite the brutal attack, he somehow manages to survive. This leaves the audience with an eerie sense of uncertainty and raises questions about what lies ahead.
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