In the year 20XX, mysterious meteors bombard the Earth and usher in an age of horrific beasts known as 'ANOROC', hunting and killing humans for their life force. The Earth has one last defender against them; her name is 'LION-GIRL'. When given the opportunity to produce music for the film, I took inspiration from my TEEEL song "Chernobyl Yeti" and created several custom versions. In order to capture the nostalgic feel that was desired, I incorporated various elements into the music. To add drama and intensity, I included pulsing vibes that would create a sense of anticipation and excitement. Shuffling hi-hats were also utilized to generate momentum and enhance the overall energy of the music. To give the music an epic cinematic flavor, I made use of dark synthetic strings. These strings add a haunting and powerful quality to the music, aligning it with the grandeur and scale of a superhero film. Here is the trailer featuring one of the versions of the song. 
The song TEEEL - "After Hours" was also used for a montage scene with the LION-GIRL is prepping for the big battle in the shower. Here is the original song "After Hours" which is on the TEEEL - "OVERTIME" album. My goal was to create a musical experience that would enhance the storytelling and amplify the emotions on screen. I believe that the combination of these elements will contribute to a truly memorable and impactful soundtrack for "Lion Girl."  It was an incredibly exciting project as the film itself is a thrilling exploitation flick that is both awesome and full of fun. It was an honor and pleasure working with Kurando Mitsutake.
Learn more about LION-GIRL on the IMDB page. Here is the poster art for this epic film.
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