In a post-apocalyptic world where loneliness is prevalent, BITS n BOTS can be a great companion. With BITS n BOTS, you have the flexibility to choose the size, personality, and budget that suits your needs. The BITS n BOTS kit includes all the necessary servos and an Ecu brain, allowing your device to be mobile and move independently.
To create your new best friend, simply scan your collected junk pile with your device. The application will generate detailed instructions on how to construct your BITS n BOTS using mostly scrap metal, wires, dials, computer parts, electronic devices, camera lenses, phone parts, and more. By building your BITS n BOTS using these materials, you not only get a loyal companion but also contribute to reducing waste and making the most out of what's left in the post-apocalyptic world. BITS n BOTS can provide companionship, assistance, and perhaps even a sense of comfort in an otherwise desolate environment.
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