Here is conceptual fashion line that draws its inspiration from the retro futurism depicted in the iconic movie, A Clockwork Orange. As a personal favorite of mine, this film beautifully captures a unique time period that feels simultaneously distant yet modern and futuristic. In this collection, I aimed to seamlessly blend sophisticated and elegant designs with simple stripes, incorporating elements such as suspenders, buttons, and distinctive hats as a nod to the film. Within the range of this collection, you will find an array of suits, business wear, and layered pieces suitable for various seasons. To further pay homage to A Clockwork Orange, I have exclusively used a palette of milky white and mandarin orange throughout the collection. By incorporating different shiny faux leathers, fabrics, and sleek textures, I have emphasized the futuristic aspect, allowing the clothing to beautifully merge the aesthetics of retro futurism and timeless elegance.
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