For this pitch video, I took the lead in conceptualizing, storyboarding, and designing the entire project. The video was specifically created for an ophthalmology business associated with Genentech. By featuring our team, we aimed to establish a strong connection with Genentech, showcasing our expertise and commitment to their vision.
To achieve a unique and visually captivating result, I decided to use a zoomed-in approach, focusing primarily on the eyes. This technique creates a sense of intimacy and intrigue, drawing viewers into the video. I also wanted to infuse some creative wordplay into the video. I played with the word "eyes" and incorporated it into various elements, such as creating lockups and replacing the "ize" in words like humanize, realize, optimize, visualize, and conceptualize. This not only adds a playful and artistic touch but also reinforces the central theme of the video, which is the significance of the eyes.
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