To promote DUOBRII Lotion, we created a campaign that focused on the powerful combination of a corticosteroid and a retinoid molecule. In order to make the concept more relatable, we personified these molecules as animated characters named Halobetasol and Tazarotene, affectionately known as HAL and TAZ. We introduced them in a 3D animated commercial, which turned out to be a great success for both healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients. The team worked with a 3D partner to create everything from scratch.
Our hero, a busy mom who is both a school teacher and a coach for her daughter's softball team, is the focus of this commercial. The commercial begins with her in her classroom, where a student notices her psoriasis on her arm. The child's reaction and her own embarrassment are evident. The scene then cuts to her coaching the team, where she is compelled to conceal her psoriasis. In the next scene, our hero encounters the powerful DUO, two small characters symbolizing the two key ingredients in DUOBRII's lotion. These characters make a brief appearance before diving back into the lotion. From this point on, we witness our hero's positive treatment journey, as her skin becomes clear, with the DUO there at all times. She is able to resume teaching her class without embarrassment and enjoy coaching her daughter's team, confidently wearing her hair up in a ponytail. The DUO is on her side.
We documented the entire process in a "Making-of" video to showcase the behind-the-scenes work that went into bringing these characters to life. First, we focused on developing the hero characters, ensuring they were visually appealing and representative of the active ingredients. We then established a 3D look and feel for the human characters, aiming for relatability and diversity. Our aim was to create characters that the audience could connect with on a personal level. To create the psoriasis, we worked closely with our client to accurately depict the right amount of plaque psoriasis. Striking the balance between providing enough detail of the condition without being too offensive to viewers was of utmost importance.
Throughout the production, we collaborated closely with the animators and directors, providing comprehensive storyboards and direction from start to finish. In selecting the environments and activities, we considered the preferences of the US audience. We chose a classroom setting and incorporated baseball, both relatable to the intended audience. Overall, the project was a great success, resulting in memorable characters and a compelling story. The introduction of the DUO characters had a significant impact on healthcare professionals, patients, and the entire team involved in their creation.
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