As the art creative director working with a 3D partner, our main objective was to create educational videos for healthcare professionals (HCPs). In collaboration with a 3D design company, we developed an educational mechanism of disease video that focused on illustrating the damage caused by two molecules working together. Our aim was to provide nephrologists with a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of IgAN and FSGS diseases and how they cause damage to the kidney.
The video highlighted the importance of blocking the pathways of ET-1 and Ang II to halt kidney progression. To effectively convey this message, I worked closely with our medical science team and a director with a strong scientific background. Together, we developed characters, environments, and visual representations of the damage inflicted on the glomerulus. The primary goal of this video was to emphasize the dangers of high levels of proteinuria in disease progression. By showcasing the mechanisms of damage caused by ET-1 and Ang II, we aimed to promote the significance of addressing proteinuria to prevent further kidney damage.
To answer the unbranded video, we created this "HOW FILSPARI WORKS" mechanism of action video to help educate HCPs. This scientific video takes a deep dive into the kidney, shows how proteinuria causes damage and how FILSPARI helps reduce that proteinuria. The video starts at :44 after the important safety information.
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